Presentation of the Victim Support Handbook at ALDA’s General Assembly in Brussels
Presentation of the Victim Support Handbook at ALDA's General Assembly in Brussels
The Hate Crime and Hate Speech Victims Support Handbook will be presented at the event ‘FIGHTING HATE SPEECH AND HATE CRIME AT THE EU LEVEL: An overview of the rising crisis’ on 9th June in Brussels, within ALDA’s General Assembly. This event will be a dissemination of the project’s outcomes and how the European Institutions welcome the deliverable, what are the positive impacts of the Handbook as support to the victims. The presence of European institutions and international stakeholders will add value to the project and its outcomes, setting the stage for a more detailed discussion on discrimination perpetrated against...
One of the training sessions given at the University of Malaga
The Euro-Arab Foundation holds STAND-UP training courses at communication and journalism universities
The Euro-Arab Foundation starts the training package in the universities of Malaga and Granada, which, within the framework of the European project STAND-UP – ‘Fighting hate in the EU’, will be developed in the field of communication and journalism
The STAND-UP project is holding 4 online seminars in February
The STAND-UP project is holding 4 online seminars in February
In the framework of the “Stand-Up: fighting against hate crimes in the EU” project, 4 webinars will be presented: 3 national webinars held in Greek, Italian and Spanish, developed by the partners Euroarab Foundation (FUNDEA) from Spain; Fondazione Agenfor Internacional from Italy, and the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) along with the Greek National Comission for Human Rights from Greece. In addition, a fourth webinar will also be held at an pan-european level. The topic of these seminars are about the use of technological tools to monitor hate speech, identifying hateful feelings, areas of intervention, groups at risk and hate...