Book Presentation: The Moon is in Duala and My Destiny in the Knowledge

On 26th September 2023, the Euro-Arab Foundation held the presentation of the book: The Moon is in Duala and My Destiny in the Knowledge (2023, Plaza y Janes Ed.)with the participation of the author, Sani Ladan, and Daniel Pérez García, researcher at the Foundation. The event was organized in the framework of the European project STAND-UP.


Imagine that you live in a country that does not allow you to pursue the studies you need to develop as an individual. Imagine that you have no greater dream than precisely that. Try to imagine now that, at the age of fifteen, with the cold, awakened mind of the adult you project yourself to be and the heart full of the secrets and illusions of the child you still are, you run away from home with no other aim than to achieve a purpose that starts to become truncated and violent and dehumanizing from the first stop along the way.

This story, as real as the injustice in the world we live in, is mine.


Sani Ladan is an African of Cameroonian origin and anti-racist and human rights activist. He has been raising awareness and working closely with the reality of migration on the southern border of Europe for almost ten years, a phenomenon that he has experienced as a person, having gone through the same migration process from Cameroon to Spain.

He is a graduate of International Relations from the Loyola University of Andalusia, an analyst of International Relations with a focus on Africa, a Social Educator, an intercultural trainer, and president of the association Elín, in Ceuta. He collaborates as an international analyst with the television channel France 24 in Spanish. He has run a home for migrants for the Espacios Berakah Association in Seville and has created the podcast Africa in 1 click.

For several years, he has been giving lectures on migration and geopolitics in Africa at various universities, anti-racist circles, and human rights organizations. He has participated as a researcher in the elaboration of several reports on migration and in 2019 he was a speaker at TEDxTarragona.