STAND-UP Pilot Phase

After the training held in June 2023 on the specificities of the hate phenomena, the survivor-centered approach and the technologically advanced tools, AGF gathered interested and committed individuals from private entities (namely, NGOs and associations) to start the pilot phase, focusing on online hate speech monitoring, together with the project coordinator, TNJudPol.

The participants discussed the hate climate and, in line with their expertise, chose a topic and drafted a short report. TNJudPol worked on the monitoring and analysis of the hate wave during the Dolomiti Pride (Trentino region), supported by Clara Raffaele Addamo, lawyer in the areas of Rovereto and Trento, specialized in migration.

Murilo Cambruzzi, Researcher at the Antisemitism Observatory of the CDEC Foundation (Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea – Centre for Contemporary Jewish Documentation), drafted his report on the antisemitic episodes in the soccer environment.

Maryna Manchenko, Project Manager and Researcher at CESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives, focused on the homophobic climate in Italy, more precisely on the peak of hate reached during the summer pride parades.

Viviana Gullo drafted a paper after the referral from the Muslim community on the annulment of the Bahja Pool Party in July 2023, due to the Islamophobic climate in Italy.