EU-level Policy Recommendations on Supporting Multi-Agency Cooperation in Countering Hate Crime

On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, the GNCHR actively participated in an international online seminar titled ‘Addressing Hate Crimes in the Digital Age’. During this event, the GNCHR, as a key partner in the STAND UP program, presented and deliberated upon their European policy proposals. The GNCHR’s President, Professor Maria Gavouneli, presented the most effective national practices for hate crime, along with the related initiatives spearheaded by the GNCHR. Following this, GNCHR’s Scientific Department Coordinator, Eva Tzavala, and Human Rights Officer, Dr. Anastasia Chalkia, introduced the EU-Level Policy Paper.

This document encapsulates the STAND UP program’s strategic recommendations to the European Union for addressing hate crimes. It emphasizes the importance of wide-ranging cooperation among all involved stakeholders and the innovative use of technology. Authored by GNCHR scientific collaborators E. Tzavala, A. Chalkia, and K. Charokopou, the policy paper is readily available in English.

Photos and information in Greek: