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Cooperative and preventive models to combat online and offline hatred

On Friday 20th October 2023, Agenfor International Foundation presented, with the support of the Municipality of Turin, the jointwork of the European projects TRUST and STAND-UP at CTE NEXT, House of EmergingTechnologies, a dissemination event on hate phenomena and the public-private cooperation model.Among the speakers, the Councillor Giovanna Pentenero, Municipality Councillor AbdullahiAhmed, and RAN expert Diletta Berardinelli.

The conference was well attended, in presence as well as online, by Muslim communities inparticular, women, who are still the most affected group in Italy, but also by representatives of civilsociety associations and organisations.

The event opened with the presentation of Viviana Gullo (Junior Project Manager at AgenforInternational) on the European projects TRUST and STAND-UP, which focus is on theimplementation of a model to counter and prevent hate phenomena, based on public-private cooperation, starting from the analysis of phenomena in the online reality.

The speaker and moderator briefly presented the essentials for understanding hate crime and hatespeech, starting with the definitions of under-reporting and under-recording. It is important to startwith these definitions because discrimination, intolerance and hatred towards individuals orcommunities on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion, or other aspects of a person’s identity arestill widespread in our society. The limited or lack of reporting and recording of hate phenomenafoments their recurrence, “normalising hatred”. According to interviews conducted during the firstmonths of TRUST, Ms. Gullo continues, it is precisely the tolerance of Muslim women who haveexperienced discrimination, crimes and hate speech that is emphasised, i.e. the reality of consideringthe reporting or denouncing of such violations useless, which prevents the phenomena from beingcombated.

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